Technical Services Department

Core Functions of the Department

The prime mandate of the Technical Services Department is the provision of reliable, cost-effective, efficient and sustainable water services to communities within municipal jurisdiction.

Departmental Sections are as follows:
• Infrastructure Development
• Operations and Maintenance
• Water Service Authority

Overall Objectives of the Department
• Provision of reliable, cost effective, efficient and sustainable water services in line
• Research and development of new projects.
• Preparation of short, medium and long term water development plans and implementation strategies.
• Operation and maintenance of water and sanitation schemes,
• Planning and implementation of municipal capital infrastructure projects,
• Management of electricity at Ingwavuma and KwaMsane

Water Services Authority

Responsibilities of the Unit

• Regulation – Formulation of water services by-laws.
• Preparation of theWater Services Development Plan.
• Formulation of technical guiding principles for engineering designs,
• Compilation of the water and sanitation master plan
• Formulation of the survival water distribution strategy – water tanker reduction strategy
• Monitor the reduction of water services backlogs.
• Update the water services master plans.
• Align projects and budget to the IDP framework.
• Ensure that communities understand the council policies and procedures related to water services
• Compilation of the water and sanitation master plan.
• Research and development – infrastructure project feasibility studies.
• Compilation of projects business plans.
• Formulation of water services by-laws.
• Communicating Council water services policies with the public and other sectors,
• Alignment of National, Provincial and infrastructure development projects : (housing and industrial) with theWSDP and advise Council accordingly,
• Preparation of the survival water distribution plan
• Management of rudimentary projects emanating from water tanker reduction strategy.
• Water and wastewater quality compliance monitoring.

Infrastructure Development

Responsibilities of the Unit

• Managing electricity at Ingwavuma and KwaMsane.
• Preparation of Energy Sector Plan.
• Implementation of new water and sanitation projects,
• Creation of job opportunities through the implementation of EPWP principles and strategies.
• Managing the construction of both water and sanitation projects,
• Preparing project progress reports,
• Interpretation of engineering drawings,
• Ensuring the use of labour intensive methods in construction projects, employment and training local community members,
• Undertake projects inspections,
• Design and construction of all approved infrastructure projects,
• Operation and management of Ingwavuma and KwaMsane electricity network,

Water Services Operations & Maintenance

Responsibilities of the Unit

• Management of Council water services infrastructure,
• Management of the support agent and other service providers appointed within the section,
• Management of the Council water tanker reduction strategy,
• Management of water quality programme and ensuring compliance with applicable legislation,
• Implementation of water balancing, leak detection and water loss prevention programme,
• Ensure that the water services infrastructure complies with all OHS act requirements,
• Customer Relations Management
• Operation and maintenance of all water services infrastructure which includes the following:
• Ensuring that all rural water schemes are functional,
• Water production in terms of the applicable specifications and national guidelines,
• Ensuring that all town water networks are functional and without leaks,
• Ensuring that the sewerage systems and plants are operational and maintained in accordance with the prevailing legislation.
• Ensuring that water quality tests are done and checked against SANS 241 specifications,
• Responsible for the water loss management,
• Responsible for the emergency and drought relief programmes of the municipality which includes the following:
• Drilling, testing and equipping of new boreholes,
• Repair and maintenance of hand pumps,
• Spring development and protection,
• Provision of water through the water tankers,
• Functional call centre, proper recording of complaints, interaction with consumers and analysis of data for effective planning,

Emergency Numbers

Police: 035 573 1088/1080 or 10111
Clinic: 035 573 1082
Fire Department: 035 573 1080
Ambulance - EMRS: 035 573 9200

Contact Us

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