Municipal Mayor

Cllr Solomon Mkhombo

South Africa’s National Development Plan aims to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by 2030 to create a country where every citizen can embrace their full potential.

In response our province developed a Provincial Growth and Development Plan that is deliberately aligned with the NDP and is aimed at uniting the people of KwaZulu-Natal behind a common goal of creating a prosperous province for future generations. It was subsequently agreed that for the province to realise these goals each District Municipality need to develop a District Growth and Development Plan (DGDP). uMkhanyakude District was one of the first districts to take up this challenge of developing a DGDP to integrate and align the intentions of the NDP and PGDP on the one hand, with the activities of local government operating at the coalface of implementation and interaction with constituent communities on the other. The aim of our DGDP is therefore to translate the Provincial Growth and Development Plan into a detailed implementation plan at a district level, inclusive of clearly defined targets and responsibilities.

We recognise the need to actively involve various communities and role players in this process and to draw on their wisdom and experience in the preparation of this plan. Our journey thus started with a District Growth and Development Summit held during October 2013 and conducted under the banner of “Growth, Development and Delivery Excellence”. The summit was very well attended and provided critical inputs for the subsequent phases of the process. I am glad to submit to you the final result of our combined efforts in the form of the uMkhanyakude District Growth and Development Plan. The key elements of this plan include:

  • A synthesis of the priority development issues and challenges in the district based on extensive consultation with stakeholders and a comprehensive technical analysis
  • A long term development vision and clearly defined strategic goals and objectives to pursue this vision
  • Monitoring indicators and quantified targets to measure progress and outcomes
  • An institutional framework for the ongoing management and implementation of the DGDP 

We set ourselves a vision that we believe will not only inspire the current but also the future generation of residents of UKDM. In this vision we see the UKDM in 2030 characterised by a high quality infrastructure network supporting both household needs and economic growth. We envisage a strongly growing economy that will result in the creation of decent employment opportunities for all residents of the district and an improved overall quality of life. We envisage the optimal utilisation of our abundance of natural resources while maintaining and improving the integrity and quality of our physical environment. We see excellence in the service provided to our communities.  We set ourselves ambitious but clearly defined goals to vigorously pursue this vision:

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